Become a Confident Houseplant Parent and Build Your Indoor Jungle

You’ve seen it in your dreams (or in the pages of a glossy magazine, whichever).

Now, how do you get that stunning indoor jungle in your own home?

It’s not about picking a plant and placing it in the most attractive position.

It’s about becoming a confident houseplant parent.

If you want an indoor jungle of beautiful, thriving houseplants then you have to look after them in the right way. You could buy tons of amazing plants and plonk them in your living room, but if they’re not happy there then they look pretty ropey in a year’s time.

Get some longevity to your indoor jungle and learn how to look after your houseplants so that they thrive rather than just survive (or not!).

The right way isn’t complicated, it’s simply knowing what your houseplant wants and giving it that.

House Planty is all about making houseplant parenting easy for beginners, lowering that entry-level and ensuring that your houseplants stay fit and healthy for the long run.

Start with my free Beginner Houseplant Parent Bootcamp and see where it takes you!