7 Best Ferns For Low Light Indoors

Are you searching for the best ferns for low light indoors to spruce up those dim corners of your home? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot because I’m about to share my all-time favorite picks that thrive in the shadows.

Having greenery indoors does wonders for a space, but not all plants can handle the low-light challenge. Luckily, I’ve spent enough time with my leafy companions to know which ferns will not only survive but absolutely flourish in your dimly-lit nooks and crannies.

Considerations For Best Ferns For Low Light Indoors

When it comes to sprucing up those dim corners of your home, picking the right ferns is key. They’re not just about green fronds; these plants can truly thrive in low light, giving your indoor jungle a lush, vibrant look without daily sunbathing.

I’ve found that knowing your space’s specific light conditions is crucial before bringing home a new fern friend. Some varieties are superstars in the shade, while others might need just a tad more light to really flourish, so don’t shy away from doing a little homework first.

Finally, let’s chat about care routines. Consistent watering and maintaining humidity levels can make all the difference for your shade-loving ferns. Remember, too much love with water can turn sour fast, so always check the soil moisture before reaching for that watering can.

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

image of best ferns for low light indoors: Boston fern, Maidenhair fern, Korean rock fern, Asparagus fern.

There’s no doubt the Boston fern reigns supreme when it comes to jazzing up a shady nook in your living space. Its lush, arching fronds create a sense of elegance and calm, effortlessly thriving in the dappled light that would leave other plants languishing.

What really makes the Boston fern an interior superhero is its undemanding nature. Even if your abode isn’t blessed with abundant sunlight, this feathery friend will forgive your forgetfulness in leaving the blinds drawn, making it a top pick for spaces with low light.

Kimberly Queen Fern (Nephrolepis obliterata)

lush green ferns suitable for low light conditions indoors, grow well

Well, fellow plant lovers, let’s talk about the Kimberly Queen Fern, a true trooper in the dimly lit corners of our homes. Unlike some of its high-maintenance cousins, this sturdy green gem thrives in low light, making it a must-have for spaces that lack the sun’s full embrace.

Eschewing the fuss, its lush, sword-like fronds add an elegant air of the tropics to any room, all while asking for so little in return. It’s the ideal companion for those of us who want to greenify our living space without becoming full-time plant parents.

Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus)

lady fern, bird's nest fern, rabbit's foot fern for low light indoors

Tucked away in the coziest corners of our homes, the Bird’s Nest Fern shines in the gentler realms of light, flaunting its grand, rippled leaves with a confident poise. This fern is your go-to green buddy for those shady nooks where sun-loving plants dare not tread, proving that low light is a stage just ripe for its unique brand of verdant drama.

Its resilience is a gardener’s delight, effortlessly maintaining its lush demeanor without the fuss of constant attention, embodying the art of thriving in the understated elegance of diffused lighting. Talk about low maintenance, high impact – the Bird’s Nest Fern is truly a decorator’s dream, bringing a touch of wild sophistication to every indoor landscape it graces.

Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum raddianum)

A variety of ferns thriving in low light indoor environments.

Nestled in the cozy corners of a dimly lit room, the Maidenhair fern thrives with a grace unmatched by its leafy companions. It’s the ballerina of the foliage world, with delicate, fan-shaped leaves that dance on thin, wiry stems, bringing softness and a sense of calm to any interior space.

This fern does not ask much—just a cool spot away from direct sunlight and the patience to ensure its soil stays moist but not waterlogged. As a purveyor of lush greenery even in low light, the Maidenhair fern stands out as a must-have for plant lovers who desire a touch of elegance without needing a sun-soaked window sill.

Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia)

variety of ferns including Boston and Maidenhair for low light indoors

When perusing the pantheon of potted greens, the Lemon Button Fern stands out as a beacon for those dimly lit nooks that scream for a touch of life. Its small, round, light-green leaflets unfurl like a fairy’s staircase, offering whimsical charm without the need for a sun-drenched window.

This petite fern loves a good humidity hug, making it a perfect companion for your bathroom or kitchen, where higher moisture contents mimic its native tropical haunts. You’ll find it’s not just easy on the eyes—an air-purifying pro, it also breezily tackles toxins, proving that the best things often come in low-light-loving packages.

Japanese Holly Fern (Cyrtomium falcatum)

Tropical ferns thrive in shaded areas, perfect for indoor spaces.

Ah, the Japanese holly fern, a true savior for those dimmer spots in your home. Its glossy, holly-like fronds thrive gracefully without demanding those elusive rays of full sunlight, making it an absolute gem for low-light interiors.

Not only does it add a touch of evergreen elegance to any room, but this resilient fern is also forgiving to the occasional forgetful waterer. With its lush greenery and low maintenance temperament, the Japanese holly fern truly personifies the best of indoor ferns for those less-than-sunny spaces.

Staghorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum)

lady fern, Boston fern, asparagus fern, Kimberly queen ferns. Great indoors.

Let’s talk about the staghorn fern, a champion of the low-light indoor garden scene. Its uniquely shaped fronds, resembling the antlers of a stag, thrive in the gentle dappled light that mimics its natural rainforest habitat.

One of the best things about the staghorn fern is its versatility in indoor spaces. Whether mounted on a piece of wood or nestled in a hanging basket, this fern makes a dramatic statement without needing the bright sunlight that so many other houseplants crave.

Additional Considerations For Best Ferns For Low Light Indoors

When seeking the best ferns for low light indoors, don’t forget about humidity. These lush green friends love a good misting, almost as if they’re reminiscing about their rainforest origins.

Your indoor ferns are going to thrive when they feel at home, so consider the temperature of your space. They’re not fans of the cold and prefer it as warm and cozy as a soft blanket on a chilly evening.

Lastly, remember these ferns need a good pot with proper drainage. Overly wet soil is like soggy socks for roots—it’s just uncomfortable and potentially harmful. Keep their feet, I mean roots, happy and with moist, not drenched soil!


Selecting the best ferns for low light indoors can be a turning point in sprucing up those dim corners of your home. I’m thrilled to share that with the right picks, even the shadiest spots can transform into lush, green retreats. It’s amazing to see the difference a feathery-leafed maidenhair or a robust bird’s nest fern can make, proving that low light is no obstacle to creating your indoor jungle.

I’ve personally experienced the joy these shade-loving plants bring into a room, and I’m confident you will too. The best ferns for low light indoors aren’t just survivors; they’re decor enhancers, air purifiers, and mood boosters all rolled into one. Give them a try, and watch your indoor space flourish with vitality and a breath of fresh air.