7 Best Flowering Houseplants

Brightening up your home with beautiful, colorful flowering houseplants. Blooming delight!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the best flowering houseplants that can add a dash of color and a breath of fresh air to any room. These vibrant beauties are more than just eye candy; they infuse life into our homes with enchanting blooms. I love how these radiant plants can transform a space with …

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7 Best Indoor Plants For Wealth

Image showing the best indoor plants for wealth in a room.

Welcome to the lush world of the best indoor plants for wealth, where your green companions are more than just decor. I’ve discovered that these plants are believed to be little powerhouses of abundance, attracting prosperity with every leaf and stem*. I’m thrilled to share the top picks that not only spruce up your living …

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How To Keep Houseplants From Growing Too Big

pruning regularly and repotting into larger containers can help control growth

Have you ever wondered how to keep houseplants from growing too big for their leafy britches? You’re not alone! Houseplants bring life and a breath of fresh air into our homes, but sometimes they seem to have a growth spurt overnight, threatening to outgrow their corner of the world. Managing their size isn’t just about …

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7 Best Vine Plants For Indoors

The best vine plants for indoors: pothos, philodendron, spider plants.

Finding the best vine plants for indoors can absolutely transform your home into a lively green oasis. These trailing beauties add a touch of nature to any room, making it feel fresher and more inviting. I’m all about creating a cozy, verdant vibe inside, and indoor vine plants are the way to go. They are …

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7 Hanging Plants For Low Light

If you think low light in your home means you can’t have lush greenery hanging around, think again! Hanging plants for low light are not only possible; they’re a perfect way to elevate your indoor environment both literally and figuratively. I love walking into a room and feeling the calming presence of plants dangling delightfully, …

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How To Get Houseplants For FREE

How To Get Houseplants For Free

Building your indoor plant jungle can get pretty expensive. Especially if you’re trying to do it as quickly as possible.  But you don’t have to restrict yourself to buying plants at garden centres, online plant shops or big supermarkets. We’re going to look at how to get houseplants for free. Which you can do! If …

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Peperomia Cubensis Care: Cultivating Tropical Bliss

Hello, plant enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the world of Peperomia cubensis care? This tropical plant from the Piperaceae family is not only a stunning addition to any indoor space but also a breeze to care for. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned plant lover, this guide will provide you with all …

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10 Best Houseplants for Cold Rooms

There could be a number of reasons you need a cold tolerant plant. For me, it was our cabin in the garden that I can’t justify heating all day. For this reason, I needed to find the best houseplants for cold rooms so that I could choose some good ones to surround myself with while …

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