How Do You Know When To Repot A Houseplant?


It’s a job any beginner houseplant parent will go to great lengths to put off, but it will often produce amazing results if you actually do it. Repotting a houseplant can encourage a growth spurt, help bring a plant back to good health after a pest infestation or even just make it look more in …

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What Are The 6 Best Houseplants For Beginners?


Being a beginner houseplant parent can be a little daunting. You’ve got a living thing to look after and a million people telling you the best way to look after it. It’s a little bit like when I was learning to swim. I didn’t take the easy route with floats and learning the technique. I …

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How Much Light Do Houseplants Need?

I’m sorry, I’m going to say it. I just can’t hold it back. If you’re asking how much light houseplants need, I just have to answer with: How long is a piece of string? There are thousands of varieties of houseplants. Admittedly we only really choose plants from a very small selection but still, you …

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Beginners Guide To Basic Houseplant Care

We all start as houseplant beginners. Some of us believe there isn’t a single green finger to be found on either hand. But this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the many benefits of owning a houseplant or two….or seventeen. You just need some basic houseplant care guidance to get you going. I learnt as I …

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What Is Bright Indirect Light?

If you’ve bought a houseplant, read a houseplant book or a blog or even just had a look around the garden centre you’ve no doubt come across the term ‘Bright Indirect Light’. But what is bright indirect light? Good question. The answer isn’t quite what you might expect by taking the phrase literally. My definition …

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How To Care for Houseplants

We’ve all done it, I’m sure. You went to the garden centre, got excited by the beautiful plants on offer and bought yourself a cheeky-looking Monkey Mask plant. You decided you can figure out how to care for houseplants later. You just have to have that plant now! Then, a couple of months later, a …

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Can You Overwater Plants?


The subject of overwatering houseplants is a bit of a bug bear for me. Can you overwater plants? In short, yes you can. But there is much more to it than that. Oversimplifying Overwatering The statement that ‘overwatering is the number one killer of plants’ gets thrown around A LOT. I think it caught on …

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10 Best Houseplants for Cold Rooms


There could be a number of reasons you need a cold tolerant plant. For me, it was our cabin in the garden that I can’t justify heating all day. For this reason, I needed to find the best housplants for cold rooms so that I could choose some good ones to surround myself with while …

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11 Stunning Large Indoor Plants and Trees


Indoor plants are fantastic, we can’t get enough of them. But what do you do if you want a bit more drama and scale to your indoor garden? You need some large indoor plants and trees! There’s no need to restrict all trees to the outdoors, as long as you choose the right ones. You …

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