5 Great Reasons To Give A Houseplant This Christmas

The more I think about it, the more it makes such good sense to give someone a houseplant this Christmas.

I mean, giving a houseplant is an awesome thing to do at any time of the year, but it’s particularly good at Christmas.

I have some good reasons for this.

1. It is a Unique Gift

Tired of giving socks and Amazon vouchers for Christmas? Switch things up a bit by giving a houseplant as a gift.

Nobody is expecting a houseplant for Christmas, so when they unbox their gorgeous Pilea Peperomioides or Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig) they will be more than a little surprised!

Turn it into an even more unique gift by explaining why you have given it to them in particular. Perhaps you thought they needed a mini companion right now, or maybe they are moving to a new house, or maybe they’ve just had a room renovated and need something pretty to put in it.

Don’t be remembered for your reliable Amazon vouchers, be remembered for bringing something meaningful into someone’s home.

2. You Can Grow Your Own Gifts

So, we’ve solved the problem of thinking what to give someone for Christmas. Now, we need to cover the tricky subject of the rising cost of Christmas!

If you’re becoming a confident houseplant parent then you’ll have a decent collection of your own houseplants.

You can use these to produce baby plants that you can give as gifts. There are lots of houseplants that are great at multiplying, such as the Pilea Pepermioides or Golden Pothos.

If you plan ahead and get your cuttings and offshoots started in spring, then you’ll have a big collection of mature Chtistmas hosueplant gifts by the end of the year.

3. The Timing Is Perfect

When you give a houseplant gift at Christmas, it is just a couple of months before the growing season starts. Whoever you give a plant to will have a little bit of time to get used to their plant and learn what to do when the growing season hits them in the spring and their plant needs a bit more attention.

This will help maintain the momentum of new houseplant parenting as the plant grows rapidly and looks even better!

In the winter, most plants do not need a lot of attention so they are a bit easier to look after. As long as they are not over-watered (because they don’t really need a lot in winter) then most plants can be left to their own devices for longer periods.

4. Houseplants (and Your Friendship) Are Not Just For Christmas

A houseplant is a better gift to give for Christmas than, say, a bunch of flowers because it is going to last years as opposed to a week or two.

This is a wonderful way to say that you want to spend more time with whoever you give a houseplant to at Christmas. If they are completely new houseplant parents then you can help them become more confident with their plants.

If you’re new to houseplants too, then you can take the journey together, learning the basics of houseplant care and then expanding your indoor jungles!

Why not start your own houseplant adventure with a Pilea Peperomioides and give one to someone you love too so that you can learn about it together!

5. You Can Pimp It Up With A Sweet Planter

A houseplant is not just about the plant. You can pair it with a gorgeous planter to make the gift even better!

It’s always annoying when you get a lovely new houseplant and are so excited to put it somewhere it can thrive, but then realise you need a planter to put it in. You don’t want the plastic, fake terracotta pot being the main thing you see.

When you give a houseplant this Christmas, pair it with the perfect planter to add a bit of extra wow factor (as if a houseplant needs extra wow factor).

Think of what style the recipient would like and what works with the colours of the houseplant.

Having a gorgeous houseplant and a stunning planter will further encourage them to look after the new addition to their family.


Make this Christmas a little bit different by starting a few more people off on the houseplant parenting journey.

Just keep a few things in mind as you choose your plant:

  • If they have pets or young children, make sure the houseplants are non-toxic.
  • Choose houseplants that are good for beginners.
  • You can buy houseplants online and have them sent to the recipient, although there aren’t many places that will gift wrap it.

Include a little care guide on the basics to help them get started and then drop that houseplant into their lives!