Pilea Peperomioides Care

Pilea Peperomioides, also known as the Chinese Money Plant, is a great houseplant for beginners to grow. It’s easy to care for and adapts well to many different environments. Its small size makes it ideal for those who have limited space available for plants or simply don’t want something tall and wide taking up the …

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How To Feed Houseplants So That They Thrive


Houseplants, much like pets, are completely dependant on us to give them everything they need. We need to water them and we need to feed them. Out in the wild, they get water from rain and nutrients from the soil. But when we bring them into our home they have a finite amount of nutrients …

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How To Water Plants While You’re Away


Oh go on then, I will allow you to go away once in a while. If you must. 😉 Houseplants are like pets. They are living things and they are totally reliant on us to not only keep them alive, but also help them thrive. If you go away for a period of time, they …

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What Is The Best Water For Houseplants?


Water is water, right? Yes, but sometimes water contains things that you don’t want your houseplants getting. Tap water will usually be fine and will get you through, but a good houseplant parent is looking for better than ‘fine’. So, what is the best water for houseplants? Glad you asked, let’s take a look! What …

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How And When To Water A Houseplant: A Beginner’s Guide


It’s tricky, isn’t it? You hear so much about overwatering houseplants from different parts of the internet, but you want to make sure your plants are getting enough water. All you want is a simply way to know how and when to water a houseplant. I like simple things (maybe this says a lot about …

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How To Repot A Houseplant Without Killing It


I know, I know, you didn’t sign up to this to get your hands dirty. You’ve just had a manicure after all (I’m talking to all the houseplant dads out there obviously! 😉). The fact is, your houseplants will grow. I hope you know this and I hope you actually want this to happen. As …

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How To Measure Light For Houseplants


I always bang on about the importance of light to plants, but how do you actually measure light for houseplants? How can you be sure that the space you are putting your houseplant has enough light for it? Our eyes are wonderful instruments, but they are sometimes too good. They will compensate for variations in …

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How Do You Know When To Repot A Houseplant?


It’s a job any beginner houseplant parent will go to great lengths to put off, but it will often produce amazing results if you actually do it. Repotting a houseplant can encourage a growth spurt, help bring a plant back to good health after a pest infestation or even just make it look more in …

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What Are The 6 Best Houseplants For Beginners?


Being a beginner houseplant parent can be a little daunting. You’ve got a living thing to look after and a million people telling you the best way to look after it. It’s a little bit like when I was learning to swim. I didn’t take the easy route with floats and learning the technique. I …

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