The Beginner Houseplant Parent Bootcamp

If you are new to houseplants or just want to go back to basics and do things the right way then my Beginner Houseplant Parent Bootcamp is perfect for you!

It’s FREE. Let’s just get that out of the way.

It goes into all the essential details that you need to know as a beginner houseplant parent so that you gain the confidence to help your houseplants thrive.

I cover the subjects of light, water and repotting in detail as well as buying your first plants and the mindset of a houseplant parent.

If you’re confused by the contrasting information and click-bait posts on many blogs about houseplant care, then have a read through this bootcamp. It gives you a simple, yet thorough way to look at houseplant care.

It’s also based on solid scientific methods and years of trial and testing.

This is what I wish I had when I started off as a beginner houseplant parent.